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You don't know my story, No one does..
It's long and sad but if you give me time you will learn bits and pieces and soon enough you will be able to fit the pieces together and bit by bit you will be able to figure me out..... But for now we will keep this a secret shshsh....don't let them hear or see the truth they wouldn't understand us!!!1

6x06 | ”I Told You To Destroy Those. Twice”


"deliberate, unwelcome touching


We all have our horrors and our demons to fight,
But how can I win, when I’m paralyzed?
They crawl up on my bed, wrap their fingers around my throat,
Is this what I get for the choices that I’ve made?

God forgive me, for all my sins!
God forgive me, for everything!
God forgive me, for all my sins!
God forgive me, God forgive me!

Ziva David | Bun In The Oven





do you realize that you can use anything as a weapon

some people dont even need a thing because according to their boss they are a weapon




Tiva || 30 day challenge [30/30]

"And I'll take with me the memories
to be my sunshine after the rain
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday".

-It's hard to say goodbye to yesterday- Jason Mraz.

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